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Early 2015

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Hard Rain is a strategy / puzzler hybrid game taking place inside an overflowing neon pachinko machine simulation. The hard rain is falling. To avoid a drain overflow you must devise a strategy to manipulate the flow, and construct a defense by mixing elements of the three base types of components - FIELD, SOLID, and FORCE. As the waves of rain intensify in strength you must evolve your defense with ingenuity to meet the challenge.


Hard Rain was devised after a long period of experimentation within 2D physics engines. The mesmerizing display of a physics simulation with massive numbers of objects was a great setting, but an equally compelling gameplay challenge was elusive. Finally a vision emerged: a new kind of 'tower defense' game, sans shooting towers and marching critters, all inside the simulation. The creative and experimental strategizing that is part of the best tower defense games proved to be the perfect motivator for the game. As development progressed, early levels took on elements of a classic puzzler, providing short unique challenges that focus on specific concepts and introduce new elements of gameplay.


  • Retro-analogue styled graphics bathed in a cathode-ray tube glow.
  • Original EDM soundtrack and sound effects powered by FM synthesis.
  • Multiple modes of challenging tower defense / physics puzzler hybrid gameplay.
  • Highly optimized engine allowing for many hundreds of dynamically simulated objects and fluid performance on almost any hardware.


Announcement Trailer YouTube, Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (16MB)

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Selected Articles

  • "Hard Rain is a new, crazy and deeply mesmerising puzzle / tower-defence game with a twist, set to transport you right back into the 80s and leave you wanting more."
    - Stephen Rotherham, Indie Alt Repeat
  • "Deceptively simple and devilishly deep, Hard Rain is a treat for fans of focused, frenetic puzzlers."
    - Robby Purdue, Geekadelphia
  • "It's a simple concept but one which looks to quickly descend into glorious chaos."
    - Alison Flemming, Indie Haven

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Original Soundtrack
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About Fuguelike

Fuguelike, formerly Glyf Design, is a digital creative studio run by Duncan Holby. The name Fuguelike has a double connotation. First it is the name for the baroque form of music that has a formal patterned structure and a mathematical beauty. There is also the fugue state – a memoryless dreamlike trance. The aim of the studio is to channel both into digital experiences, from generative graphics to games.

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Hard Rain Credits

Duncan Holby
Creator, Fuguelike

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